Seesaw for Parents

What Is Seesaw?

Has a teacher invited you to look at your child's portfolio? Are you not sure what your child is talking about when they discuss documenting their work? Check out this video, which explains how Seesaw is being used as a digital portfolio, as well as a communication tool for parents and teachers.

Seesaw Signup for Parents

Your child's teacher will send you an email invite asking you to sign up to see your child's Seesaw account. Follow these directions so that you can better follow your child's learning journey.

Seesaw for Teachers

Creating Folders in Seesaw

The 12 folders you'll want to create: Art, Languages, Learner Profile, Learning Portfolio, Math, Music, Other, PE, Polish Culture, Reading, Writing, and Who We Are (or the unit of inquiry you're working on now)

Setting Up Email Filters

This video will help you manage pesky emails that may not need your attention by showing you how to create an email filter. We use Seesaw's "Approve items in your Seesaw Class" emails as an example here.